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Judge Ray Bean/Bottle/Boom, Law East of the Pecos, and North of the Colorado

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Welcome to my personal web site! Let me introduce myself. My alter ego, is none other than ol Judge Ray Bean/Bottle/Boom, "Law West of the Pecos, and North of the Colorado". I am the lesser known, but equally important cousin, of Roy's younger brother, by marriage, of his second wife's nephew.

I recently attended an event where I found it necessary to shoot several jurors, and the defendants wife.

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I am shown here as court is called into session, I am a short circuit judge of Tallawacky County in the state of Awareness. Often I find it neccessary to get the attention of the court and of the accused by shooting near their person, or persons. Upon occasion I hit a few bystanders, but then again they should have stepped out of the way.

If you dare to procced then be aware that you are being watched at all times by special security devices we placed in your computer last night. It is just behind the screen you are currently looking into.... You know you really need to see a doctor, you don't look good.

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