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Confederate States Army Chaplain
Here are some pictures of my various "Impressions"

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We often protray a "Trans Missisippi Army" Chaplain, sometimes an artilleryman, and at least once a year in San Antonio, a Texas Militia man, under the command of Col. Ben McCulloch.

Chaplain Bottles at the State Capitol grounds
In Texas we honor our Confederate Veterans

We are in old San Antonio with Col. Ben McCulloch.
We accepted the surrender of Federal General David Twiggs in Febuary of 1861

Here I am with "Patience" a 1841 6 lb. pounder
"Patience" is named such as her crew have little of her namesake.

Senator Bottles attends a Confedrate funeral
A Confederate General is laid to rest in Fairfild Texas.

The Chaplain attends an event at the State Capitol
Texas unveils its "Civil War Brochure".

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