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Confederate States Army Chaplain
Confederate Soldier's Reunions

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Confederate Soldier Reunion  photos, ancestor photos, and family tales and legends....

My great grandfather Samuel McCracken Bottles
He served in the 19th and 26th Tennessee Infantry

Here is where I will post photos of Confederate Soldier Reunions. I will also post  photos of my Confedrate ancestors. If you have a photo of your ancestor and would like to display it here, contact me and we'll see about getting it placed here on my site.

Here are several Tennesse Soldier Reunion photos

Tennessee Soldiers meet in 1920
The old warriors ranks are thinning!

The old soldiers are called into line once again.
These men kept in touch till their last days.

Another year passes for the old combatents
Many communities welcomed the aging gentlemen.

A reunion of comrades in Humbolt Tennessee.
Each year there are fewer men in the ranks.

These men gathered in Lexington Kentucky.
"Old times, they are not forgotten"

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