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Judge Ray Bean/Bottle/Boom, Law East of the Pecos, and North of the Colorado
Officers of the Court


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Here are some of the officers of the court. They are a mighty fine bunch of men, and enjoy regular target practice!

Here are the boys all lined up and ready to ride!

Pictured are left to right, J.D, "Jus Draw" Denzel, Tony,"Hell Fire" Hail, Jay "Juan Hit" Dufis, "Count" Stude Von Ruder, Charlie "Bull" Neadles, and finally Judge "Ray" Bean/Bottle/Boom!

Occasionlly da boys are real cut-ups!

Sometimes the rigors of "Holding Court", finds the boys in need of some Tom Foolery! Here "Juan", is being counseled regarding "Personal Hygeine".

WELL, I don't KNOW, they was supposed to come this way!!!

The boys received a tip that a shipment of Cold Lone Star was headed their direction. This part of the county requires all shipments be inspected by the judge and the officers of the court.

At times, pistols just ain't enough!

At times we must go under cover in order to bring local bandits to justice, here is just such a case. This scene depicts a time when an especially bad bunch was about in the county. We found it neccessary to raise the "Ante".