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Judge Ray Bean/Bottle/Boom, Law East of the Pecos, and North of the Colorado
Recent arrests and convictions


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Here are some pictures of recent arrests, and or enforcements of the law.

Shown here to the right is the notorious Gillianni Dante Bartleimo, a recent immiagrant from the old country, who by his lust for knocking over Pizzeria's and other Spicy Food type restaurants, met with an untimely death. It was just as well as he was sure to die soon anyway of terminal indegestion. Soon after this photo was taken an autopsy revealed acute Garlic toxification.

I may include a link to the current weather conditions at our vacation spot below.

Charged with resisting arrest and public Garlic consumption, this crook is taken into custody.

This desparado, plyed his trade one time too often, he was shot multiple times, until a vital area was hit.

The Judge and the Officers of the Court vacation at the dear old Shrine of Texas, They proclaim, if'n we'd ah been there, we'd ah won.

Our gang of crimefighters recently vacationed in ol San Antonio, it was said there was a hushed reverence everywhere the boys went.

The Judge and the Officers of the Court receive a small contribution from the town gaming parlor as shown here. Many of the townspeople were once beautiful trees.

Here is another subsidary of the Judge's, the "Bean/Bottle/Boom State Bank. The bank takes care of the County Tresuary Funds, shown manning the teller window is the Judge's cousin "Woody."

Another enterprise of the Judge's, is the Bean/Bottle/Boom State Bank. The Judge takes care of the County funds.

Shown at the Tellers window is the Judge's cousin "Woody".