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My Texian Heritage Page
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I enjoy participating in "Living History" events throughout the Central Texas area. We often go to the sacred old Shrine of Texas Liberty the "Alamo". We are fortunate to do so several times a year. We are a very small part of its ongoing educational program. So come along with me and we'll show you some of the things we do.

Like many folks my age, I grew up watching the Disney televison series about  "Davy Crockett". It was not until many years later, that I became re-aquainted with him and the principals in which he stood for. I enjoy all forms of history and have chosen among other eras, to concentrate upon Texas History from the Fall of 1835 through April of 1836, when the Texian Army defeated the "Napoleon of the West", the Mexican General Santa Anna at the Battle of "San Jacinto".

"Fall at the Alamo", is held each October.
In Camp at the Alamo.
I am honored to be among many who honor their states history.