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My Texian Heritage Page
Texas Independence Day 2003

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We are honored to be a part of various  "Texian" celebrations at  historical sites throughout Texas.

We recently participated in ceremonies at the "Texas State Cemetery".

As Chaplain of the Texian Legacy Association I often deliver prayers and upon occasion say a few words over the gravesites of our exalted Texas Heroes.

Chaplain Bottles contemplates his prayer.
Our Texian, Tejano and Texan dead will never be forgotten!


Almighty God, we are gathered here today to honor the once living. In this their final resting place, if by thy will, they shall forever grace this sacred piece of Texas.


 Some have been the most notable of our States past history, and yes, many were simply humble servants of the cause that became first a free and independent Republic, and then becoming the Lone Star State, in a great and grand addition to that galaxy that is the United States of America.


May God bless her in her time of need.


As we assemble here today let us give pause in remembrance of the sacrifices these men and women made for this land in which we now call home. Let us know that by coming before us they have made this day possible. It is fitting that their final resting place be in this most green and peaceful area that is by its beauty so central to the theme that is Texas.


Lord we ask that today you bless these our leaders in this time of grave resolve, that you keep us safe and guide their leadership towards making this a better time for us all.


We continue these traditions and forever honor those who are at rest here.


May we be ever mindful of your presence in our lives, and we ask these things in thy Holy name.