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Confederate States Army Chaplain
My Pards

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Here are some of some of my pards in the "Desendants of Confederate Veterans".

Artillery Commander Von Roeder about to take to the field

The boys at Brownwood prepare for drill

Commander Von Roeder and Chaplain Bottles enact camp dance'n

Each year the Capitol Chapter honors Dr. Pound C.S.A. on the grounds of his home in Dripping Springs

These boys jist might not pass inspection !

Private Ayers and Captain Von Roeder relax at the Pound House

The "Guards" attend a monunment dedication
In Commanche Texas, they haven't forgotten their heritage.

The boys Honor Dr. Pound of the C.S.A. Army
Each year in Dripping Springs Tx. Dr. Pound is remembered.

Chaplain Bottles and the Misses
Ever once in a while we dress our best!

A pretty lady sits quietly.
Wherever the boys go, the ladies are sure to follow!